Friday, August 25, 2017

My Love is Baptized by Immersion

Linking with Imaginary Gardens for Rommy's challenge ~ Meme

The prompt is simple: grab a nearby book and flip to page 13 and go to the 7th line and use that sentence to find a quote that represents your love life.  You can also flip to the 7th page and go to the 13th line.  Take your pick, Come join the fun!

The closest book to me was: The Games by Ted Kosmatka
(The 13th page did not have enough lines, so I went with the 7th page)

Love, and a cough, cannot be hid. ~George Herbert 

This was my line: "The world around him retreated, became remote, irrelevant."

My Love is Baptized by Immersion,

My love is baptized by immersion it does not just linger at the water's edge
it dives in head first and reckless never concerned with what's up ahead
a simple christening with holy water just would never be the plan
it submerges all consuming into the deep love of another man
the world around it retreats becoming remote, irrelevant to what is true
for my love rises like surging flood waters diminishing the ground view
My love is baptized by immersion it does not wade in shallow waters safe
instead it plunges into distant oceans prepared for the greatest of tidal waves.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Change of Heart

Linking with Poets United for Midweek Motif ~ Nature Her Words
Posted by Sumana

Sometimes Mother Nature has the answers when you do not even know the questions. ~Keith Wynn

I fear you have not truly been listening my dear
I have been speaking for centuries and
you are still sipping your coffee gone cold
behind that shroud of a paper 
without a response
nor even a glance
what did I just say?
No I did not just say it is cold in here
on the contrary it is getting quite warm
warmer than my heart can handle
there was a time you listened to my voice
loved the feel of my breath upon your face
you climbed my mountains 
did not want to cut my trees
I guess you have had a change of heart
your love for me has grown as cold
as my ice caps used to hold strong
I guess it is going to take something drastic
 to make you care again
to make you have a change of heart
I hope then you will truly listen
to my voice.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Bigger is Not Always Better

Linking with dVerse for Poetics: Border
brought to us by Grace

"If no one ever took risks, Michaelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor.
~ Neil Simon

Sometimes my mind needs a border collie to steer it in the right direction 
cause my sense of boundaries sometimes gets lost
you see agoraphobia runs in our family
my grandmother only left the house 
once a year to vote
my mother followed the same path
our summers growing up were weeks on end at home
when I was in my 30's I discovered I had a touch of it
on a grander level if you will
we went on a trip to Missouri and I suddenly felt 
anxiety and had no reason why
after a couple jots out of town after that
I realized that when I left town I had the symptoms
it was like agoraphobia on a larger plain
my grandmother could not leave the house
but I could not leave town
wow leave it to my dysfunctional brain
to do it on a broader range.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Dance Floor

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Linking with Imaginary Gardens for Bits of Inspiration ~ Keep Dancing
Imagined by Susie 

Come join us!

How can we know the dancer from the dance? ~William Butler Yeats

Sometimes humanity resembles the dancers on a dance floor;
each busily perfecting their moves,
never seeing passed their own steps,
hoping to impress
all the others...
but it is in vain...
for all the others
are doing the same.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Rising Above

The tides are in our veins. ~Robinson Jeffers

Linking with Poet United for Midweek Motif ~Flood  hosted by Susan (Thank you Susan)

One morning in April of 2016, I woke up to look out the window and find that my apartment was in the middle of a lake.  Good thing I can swim was not my first thought...suddenly me and sailors could speak the same language and I am not talking about ship terms.  My car was in the rising waters and there was no saving it.  After a couple of days of being trapped and unable to leave on wheels there was an evacuation.

The good news is: 
after applying for FEMA help
being declined
appealing and trying again
because I don't give up easily
I finally was approved
and got help to purchase a car
after 6 months of a lot of walking 
and waiting for rides.
What did I learn from this?
Well, first of all it pays 
to not give up.
When a door closes
God opens a window.
Sometimes hardships
can turn out to be 
blessings in disguise.
No matter how bad 
you think you have it
there is someone else 
out there with a worse situation.
When tough times hit
people are usually very kind and giving
The lovely thing was that we met 
neighbors that we would never have
seen otherwise.

Now here is my poem for the prompt:

Rising Above
I am Always Thirsty,

My mother always said "don't drink
any more before bed"
but I was always thirsty
and had chocolate milk instead
my life has been a flood of lessons
some learned some not
and when it rains it pours
and when it's dry
well it's just plain hot
and one thing I have learned through time
is this
love and sustenance are a constant fix
for me there is a close correlation between
water and men 
sometimes they are a disaster at my door
but I sure can't live without them
and because of my deep seeded need for love
I always keep coming back for more
one drink is never enough
gotta have 8 glasses of water a day
to stay healthy that is what 
the doctor's say
but sometimes I wake up
to a flood at my door
and I wish I had listened
to my mother more!

Author's Note:
The only floods truly at my door are totally rain related. :-)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

A Story to Tell

Linking with Imaginary Gardens for the Weekend Mini Challenge: "Out of Your Own Words"
Imagined by Magaly Guerrero

To view the original poem and post click h e r e

I also devoted an entire blog to this title cause I am crazy that way....
click h e r e if you want to see for yourself. :-))

What a seagull never told you about why he flies away is the farther up you fly the broader the view you get of the shore you left behind.
Nature tells a story that one can hear loud and clear
but it is a message that cannot be heard with ears
it rings out through the flight of geese
that know when  it is the time to leave
it whispers with the current that carries man's debris
that heads to bigger waters floating to the sea
it's voice rises in the floods occuring on busy streets
because man would rather have a parking lot
than grass and tall strong trees
you see nature tells a story that belts out like a song
and if we truly listen we will know there is something wrong.

It is like nature is trying to call us from a cell phone and we are unable to truly hear....
so nature moves a little forward and says...
"can you hear me now?"

Thursday, August 10, 2017


Linking with Imaginary Gardens for the prompt "writing unseen" 
imagined by Isadora 

" You don't have a soul.  You are a soul.  You have a body."
~ C. S. Lewis

Our bodies are a bed and breakfast lodge for a soul
 that has places to go
we sometimes forget their presence 
because they are the quietest of guests
treading down the innermost halls
preparing for a trip
with no plans to stay at all
so we attempt to keep up the cottage and
we fluff the pillows and smooth the sheets
but the soul doesn't eat a big breakfast
and never needs too much sleep
prolonging it's stay is futile
for it has plans we cannot conceive 
if one looks with scientific eyes
they won't see past the amenities
but if we simply close them
and search within the confines of our heart
we will find there is something bigger
than this world could ever impart...
so I say to the world of traveling souls
and that means you and that means me to
have a little faith
and we'll leave the light on for you.

....and they lived happily ever after.....

....and they lived happily ever after.....
The End.