A Fool and a Cigarette

Merry Christmas To All

Of Snow and Ice

Like a Lightning Crash

There Are No Words

Farewell Again Autumn

Journal Junkie

Home Made

Drifting Apart

Life Lessons

Between Hurt and Forgiveness

One Beautiful Thing

The Force of Change,

The Battle Scars of Inconvenience

Loneliness Is The Longest of Seasons

Geology of a Broken Heart

A Legion of Ghosts


Kiss Life On The Lips

A Gossamer of Souls

Expensive Lessons Have a Lifetime Guarentee

Autumn Speaks

First Cousins Once Removed

An Ode To Chocolate Cake

Giving Taking and Letting Go

Somewhere In A Forrest

It Was A Beautiful Sloppy Mess

The Heart of Hercules

Dear Sir

Light Weight Like Paper Heavy Like Words



Writer's Block

Beautiful Free Bird